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Bratty Brujita

Money Trauma Healing Oil + Affirmation Lock Screen Download

Money Trauma Healing Oil + Affirmation Lock Screen Download

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Weather you’re still struggling to find financial stability or you’ve improved your financial situation but you still can’t seem to enjoy it or maybe you are always terrified of it being taken away-- money trauma can be debilitating. Unfortunately, folks who have experienced poverty and scarcity have a hard time accepting the abundance they’ve worked so hard for, they’re also more likely to feel stuck and scared trying to do whatever it takes to “make it” or “maintain it.”

This is not a money drawing or luck oil, this is a tool for you to start shifting your mindset around what money and abundance means to you. So how do we do this? By being conscious of our words, thoughts and actions. How do you feel about money and why? And how can you expect to attract something you fear or are uncomfortable with? This oil contains powerful ingredients that aim to heal and uncover the pathways that lead you to scarcity mindsets and fear.

The most helpful thing for me healing my own money trauma has been thinking of money as a person. If I’m trying to get this person to notice me what would be my first line of action? To beg and plead? To be like “I know I don’t deserve you?” To cry about it? Hell no! It would be being confident and sexy knowing exactly what my intent with money is and being like “well, why wouldn't money want me? --I’m awesome! I know it sounds delulu but that's literally what manifesting is. I believe in you! You got this!

The active ingredient is Oregon Grape Root. Its earth and fire energy is a powerful aid in healing thought patterns connected to money trauma.

How to use: rub into your intercostal muscles (the spaces in between your ribs), heart center and solar plexus. And repeat this affirmation while you massage yourself in small circular clockwise motions: I have a good relationship with money, money finds me, money likes me, money chooses me over everyone else, money and I are best friends, I always have enough money.


oregon grape root

rose hips and rose petals

Dandelion root

avocado oil

roze quartz

1oz dropper bottle

Do I Have Energetic Blockages?

Signs you may have energetic blocks:

  • Jumping awake when you’re falling asleep 
  • Sudden anxiety
  • Sudden mood changes 
  • Suddenly everything is going wrong
  • Things that used to come easy are now difficult
  • Tight neck and shoulders 
  • Jaw clenching 
  • Teeth grinding 
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Nightmares
  • Not feeling yourself
  • Sudden changes in appearance 
  • Tripping or falling frequently
  • Being clumsier than usual
  • Feeling restless like something is going to happen.*

*Always check with a doctor if you are having changes in your physical or mental health.

Do I need uncrossing

You may need uncrossing work if you’ve got haters, if you’re active on social media, if you deal with people who have a lot of heavy emotions, if you’re having personal problems with someone or they have personal problems with you. 

This candle work is great for family drama because youre not sending any energy back to them just cutting the effects. 

If there is a specific person you believe is doing you harm write it in the description or email me their name.


The night of the burn you’ll need to meditate on your intentions and repeat your affirmation 7x. Pay attention to how you feel and what feels easier and clearer as a result.

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