Hello I’m known on the internet as @yvetteactually but bratty brujita is my brand for all things brujeria, cleansing, and spiritual growth! I’ve made it my mission to teach others how they can take care of themselves energetically as well as how they can get more in tune with their spirit guides and their true calling.

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Whether you want to get in touch with your guides or ask a few questions about a job or love interest. I’ll check in with your guides and mine so we can see what’s going on, then we’ll create a plan for what you can do to get on the right track.

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Signs you might need a limpia/energy cleanse.

Signs you need spiritual hygiene


Spiritual Hygiene 101: Energetic Self Care for All

(4 hour live workshop 2 days)

The workshop will go over cleansing, protection and grounding. It will include different techniques as well as my recommendations on things like supplemental teas, ancestral veneration, affirmations, and altars. I’ll teach you to make different limpiezas and energetic clearing sprays too.

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Who Needs Spiritual Hygiene?

When we think about spiritual wellness our minds tend to go to meditation, juice cleanses or yoga. Which are all amazing practices that are definitely important components of our spiritual physical health. But Spiritual Hygiene needs to be a part of the conversation. Especially when it comes to sexual wellness. Download my Sexual Energy Portection Guide for more on how to protect your energy from the toxicos.

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"I found Yvette via Instagram and have followed her page for quite some time now. I was always impressed with her passion, strength, sense of justice, and a deep knowledge and understanding of spirituality. Yvette made a great decision in offering consultas and I couldn’t help and schedule one. I spoke with Yvette twice; in those experiences I have felt validated and challenged. It’s only been in recent time that I have begun to discover my connection to the spiritual realm, Yvette was able to confirm my spirit guides and ancestors. It was through Yvette’s calmness and familiarity with the subject that my own fears were quieted. I’m deeply grateful that Yvette makes herself so accessible and her ability to communicate is clear and direct, without questions, doubts left behind. I'll keep going back to Yvette for the very fact that I went to her in the first place, I trust and believe in her gift."

-Ed Rivera


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