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Signs you might need a limpia/energy cleanse.

What does an energy block feel like?

An energy block can show up many ways but some of the most common are lethargy, moodiness, feeling like nothing turns out right, sudden depression, procrastination, and difficulty sleeping. It can also feel like you’re just floating through life or an overwhelming sense of feeling lost.

How do I clean up my energy?

There are many ways to do this but the most effective is incorporating a solid spiritual hygiene routine. Meaning: cleansing, grounding, protecting and transmuting the energy you absorb. However the first step is typically behavioral changes, like not gossiping, setting healthy boundaries, positive affirmation, and not betraying yourself by doing things you don’t want to do or being around people who aren’t safe and supportive. Limpias or ritual energy cleanses, are good for removing and re-balancing your energy; there are many forms of limpias across all cultures some of which include: egg limpias, smoke limpias, fire limpias, and liquid limpias. You can also get into nature as a form of limpia, going to natural bodies of water and being in nature can help rebalance and cleanse us as well. Smudging and energetic sprays are also good for cleansing and rebalancing energy on the go.

What are some benefits of cleansing your energy?

The benefits are immense. Cleansing your energy will open you up to your inner voice. Many times we can’t decipher between our innervoice, traumas, anxieties and spirit message. Cleansing your energy regularly will allow you to make better choices that support your true needs and inner knowing. It will allow you to unravel your spiritual and magical gifts so you can self validate and move with decisive integrity. You’ll likely sleep better, be less moody, your head, neck and shoulders won’t be so tight. It’ll help with anxiety and help you heal and better understand your fear, triggers, and trauma responses.

How do I know if I need road opening?

You need road opening if you have haters, if you work with people, if you have problems with people or people have problems with you. Signs that you need road opening are: suddenly everything is going wrong, things that used to come easy are now difficult, tight neck and shoulders, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, trouble sleeping, nightmares, sudden changes in appearance, tripping or falling frequently, being clumsier than usual, feeling restless like something is going to happen.

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