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Bratty Brujita

Candle Reading Workshop for Beginners (September 23rd 7pm pst)

Candle Reading Workshop for Beginners (September 23rd 7pm pst)

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There are plenty of methods of magic and divination but candle work is definitely a powerful and very expressive tool to move energy and make things happen. It’s also a fool proof time stamp of what is going on with no bias or agenda. People can lie, spirits can lie, but the candles do not lie.

Something I get asked all the time is how do I read the candles and honestly it’s a combination of things. There are some universal indicators and there are some things that you’ve never seen before. I see something new nearly every time I do road opening candle work, but it’s with time and experience that I’m able to figure out the signs through my intuition, my guides, and the context of the candle work.

To read the candle properly we must learn to read the flame, the wick and the wax.* I’m sure there are a million ways to read these elements but I’ll be teaching you how I do it. In this workshop we’ll go over the basics:

candle color meaning + significance

candle reading zones

wick meaning + symbols

wax meaning + symbols

flame meaning + symbols

*This is a beta course I’m using to figure out how I want to structure this workshop in the long run, so prices are low and are subject to change. We’ll see how it goes.


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