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Bratty Brujita

Spiritual Hygiene 101 Weekend Morning Class (October 28 & 29)

Spiritual Hygiene 101 Weekend Morning Class (October 28 & 29)

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Who Needs Spiritual Hygiene? 

Few people actually understand why spiritual sensitivity produces so many overwhelming emotions and stimuli. Spiritual hygiene are the methods and modalities we use to cleanse and remove un-useful external energies absorbed by the physical body. You brush your teeth everyday, brush your hair, and shower, if you’re here wondering it probably means spiritual hygiene needs to be a part of your daily life. 

The fact is we straddle this world and the next. It’s a matter of learning to interpret our sensory perception by understanding why certain sensations show up in our bodies, what is causing them, and how we can reset our energy. Our bodies are measurement tools for the things we perceive but have no “proof” or explanation for. We have to train ourselves to unlearn a lot of what we have been taught. 

Society has taught us to misinterpret feelings and attach meaning to emotions that are really just warning signs from spirits guides, generational traumas/curses, or memories from past lives. Recurring dreams about certain scenarios in specific time periods are usually memories. Really intense and fast relationships with unexplained deep connections are usually just karmic partners with lessons and reminders of what we need to work through so we can move on. 

People with spiritually sensitive qualities have the tendency to get stuck fixing others as a way to avoid working on themselves and identifying their true needs. Usually it’s because they don’t know what those needs are. The focus on comfort, toxic relationships, and sticking their necks out for others usually stands in the way of spiritually sensitive people meeting their true potential. The people pleasing doesn't help either.

These people usually become teachers, therapists, lawyers, social workers, community organizers and activists. Or they are in positions where they are trying to some degree to help others. Many become spiritual practitioners as well.

If we are able to understand which energies cause which sensations, we can also learn how to avoid and remove them.

In this course we will learn how to: 

+Distinguish anxieties and traumas from intuition and spirit messages

+4 intuition zones

+get in touch with your spirits guides

+trust in yourself

+identify which feelings require which types of cleansings 

+make an energy cleansing spray

+make 4 types of cleansing baths

+make a spiritual protection cord

+properly smudge and pray to your ancestors

Weekday Workshop:

Day 1:

-Identifying Intuition zones

-Group writing exercises

-Identifying Spirit message + Identifying external energies

Day 2:

-Cleansing Techniques

-Grounding tools

-Beginner protection work

Requirements: None. Just a good attitude and a willingness to share and learn!


Do I Have Energetic Blockages?

Signs you may have energetic blocks:

  • Jumping awake when you’re falling asleep 
  • Sudden anxiety
  • Sudden mood changes 
  • Suddenly everything is going wrong
  • Things that used to come easy are now difficult
  • Tight neck and shoulders 
  • Jaw clenching 
  • Teeth grinding 
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Nightmares
  • Not feeling yourself
  • Sudden changes in appearance 
  • Tripping or falling frequently
  • Being clumsier than usual
  • Feeling restless like something is going to happen.*

*Always check with a doctor if you are having changes in your physical or mental health.

Do I need uncrossing

You may need uncrossing work if you’ve got haters, if you’re active on social media, if you deal with people who have a lot of heavy emotions, if you’re having personal problems with someone or they have personal problems with you. 

This candle work is great for family drama because youre not sending any energy back to them just cutting the effects. 

If there is a specific person you believe is doing you harm write it in the description or email me their name.


The night of the burn you’ll need to meditate on your intentions and repeat your affirmation 7x. Pay attention to how you feel and what feels easier and clearer as a result.

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Maria E

I've done her spiritual hygiene class and all I can give is accolades! It was intense and very informative. I wrote down all of the key points and was able to really relate heavy to her material and her knowledge. She speaks on spiritual points and also where we most likely will see negativity manifest within our bodies. Some people can be more sensitive than others but I really appreciated her patience with us. It was a total of 3 of us from different areas of the world. I loved it. 😍 Zoom still made it very very personal! I highly recommend it!