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Bratty Brujita

Manifesting Energetic Spray

Manifesting Energetic Spray

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Too often we worry about taking the bad vibes off and not enough about putting the good vibes on. Both are equally important! This grounding energetic spray was made protection and heart healing in mind but also with the intention of cultivating positive energy. This is a great spray to use with visualization and positive affirmation. Itā€™s one that I keep in my bag and use throughout the day, especially in stressful situations.Ā Ā 

2oz BottleĀ 


Do I Have Energetic Blockages?

Signs you may have energetic blocks:

  • Jumping awake when youā€™re falling asleepĀ 
  • Sudden anxiety
  • Sudden mood changesĀ 
  • Suddenly everything is going wrong
  • Things that used to come easy are now difficult
  • Tight neck and shouldersĀ 
  • Jaw clenchingĀ 
  • Teeth grindingĀ 
  • Trouble sleepingĀ 
  • Nightmares
  • Not feeling yourself
  • Sudden changes in appearanceĀ 
  • Tripping or falling frequently
  • Being clumsier than usual
  • Feeling restless like something is going to happen.*

*Always check with a doctor if you areĀ having changes in your physical or mental health.

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