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Bratty Brujita

Manifesting Energetic Spray

Manifesting Energetic Spray

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The Bratty Brujita Manifesting Spray is designed to harness the powers of natural botanicals, crystals and waters to help you ground yourself, manifest your intentions, and be deliberate with your desires. Enhance your ability to attract abundance, prosperity, and positivity into your life. The spray is easy to use and can be carried with you wherever you go. Simply spritz it around your aura or in your environment to enhance the positive energy.

2oz Bottle 



Will leave you feeling uplifted, vibrant and ready to go.

Smells like 

Sweet, floral, and refreshing.

How to Use

Starting from your toes, spray yourself all the way up to the top of your head while repeating the affirmation out loud: “I am sweetness, I am joy, I am a magnet for positive people and positive outcomes. Abundance flows through me. What is meant for me is already mine. I am bountiful and sacred. ase.”

For best results use after Goodbye Evil Eye Spray and Uncross My Heart Despojo Spray.  


Mango leaf, guava leaf, myrrh, yerba buena, basil, amethyst, kolonia 1800

  • Mango Leaf: Mango Leaf is believed to have protective properties and can be used to ward off negative energies. It is also associated with abundance and can be used in rituals to attract prosperity and good fortune.
  • Guava Leaf: Guava Leaf is believed to have healing properties and is often used in spiritual baths and teas. It is said to promote physical and emotional well-being and to remove negative energies.
  • Myrrh: Myrrh is a resin that has been used in spiritual practices for centuries. It is believed to have powerful healing properties and can be used to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is also associated with purification and protection.
  • Yerba Buena: Yerba Buena is a type of mint that is often used in spiritual practices for its cleansing and protective properties. It can be used to remove negative energies, promote healing, and provide mental clarity.
  • Basil: Basil is often used in magic for its protective and cleansing properties. It can be used to remove negative energies, promote mental clarity, and to attract love and abundance.
  • Amethyst: Amethyst is a crystal that is associated with spiritual growth and enlightenment. It can be used to promote inner peace, balance energy, and to enhance intuition and psychic abilities.
  • 1800: 1800 is a type of cologne that is often used in spiritual practices. It is believed to have cleansing and protective properties, and can be used to purify spaces, remove negative energies, and promote healing.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Veronica F

I carry a bottle of this in my bag at all times so whenever I need a pick me up. It is also part of my daily spiritual hygiene routine. Never let's me down!!

Life changer!

First and foremost, I want to say that ALL of her products are AMAZING! Specifically this manifesting spray. It literally has changed me and my family’s life. I have incorporated into many of my rituals and beginning of the month cinnamon blowing rituals and has brought such positive outcomes in my life. Thanks to this spray, I fully believe it helped my husband climb his career ladder and he recently got a high paying IT job! This spray literally works wonders. I can’t recommend it enough!

Manifesting spray

One of my favorite products, I spray and pray and watch my dreams come true.

Bre Burrito
A pivotal part of my glow up journey

2023 has been the year to focus on myself, and I've been using this manifesting spray since January and its a part of my daily routine to reset and focus on positive energy, highly recommend especially for those starting their manifesting journey