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Bratty Brujita

Kolonia De Pirul

Kolonia De Pirul

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Pirul holds a revered place in magical and spiritual traditions. From purification and protection to enhancing psychic abilities and facilitating spiritual connections, this sacred tree is cherished for its diverse mystical properties. Pirul, aka California Pepper or Schinus molle, is a tree native to South America (specifically Brazil and Peru) and known for its various magical and spiritual functions. Its leaves, resin, and berries are commonly used in rituals, ceremonies, and spiritual practices.

Pirul is used for spiritual cleansing and removing evil influences, such as evil eye, envy, and to bring health, good luck, and prosperity. This herb is a must for any Bruja. Put it in your spiritual baths, use it to cleanse, spiritual, candles, and tools or spray in your space to switch up the energy put it in your mopping water to cleanse your home too. 

The berries of the Pirul tree are also considered powerful in magical practices. They are often used in charms, talismans, and potions for their protective qualities. The berries can be carried or worn as a protective amulet, believed to guard against malevolent forces and psychic attacks.

Pirul has been associated with enhancing psychic abilities and intuition. Its leaves or berries may be used in divination practices, such as scrying or dream work, to facilitate spiritual insights and visions. It is believed to open channels of communication with the spiritual realm and aid in receiving messages or guidance from higher powers.

Additionally, the aromatic qualities of Pirul are believed to have a calming and uplifting effect on the spirit. Its fragrance is sometimes used in aromatherapy or meditation practices to induce a sense of relaxation, peace, and spiritual connection.


Will leave you feeling less stressed/anxious, more balanced and invigorated.

Smells Like

Floral, powdery and fresh. 

How To Use

Spray generously over your head, neck and shoulders while repeating the affirmation 7x out loud with your whole chest: “I dissolve all negativity formed against me. I call back my energy! I call back my energy! I call back my energy!” For best results use with Goodbye Evil Eye Spray and Manifesting Spray.


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Customer Reviews

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Nic Rodriguez Villafañe
Serious about course correcting your spirit? Must have product.

I’ve been following Bratty Brujita’s work for a few years, and can say without a doubt she has tenaciously powerful asé. Not only does she provide necessary historical context of the product but notes careful important details of their ingredients and properties. As soon as I began to use the Kolonia de puril I felt and experienced drastic enhancements of my own spiritual development- including the commencement of my Ocha ceremony. As a newly minted yawo I recently experienced some energy fatigue/sickness the other day and used the spray to help me cleanse- and IMMEDIATELY felt better. There are very few brujas I trust out here in a world with toooo many social media woo woo scammers who pay zero attention and care to the products they are making or trying to sell. They would benefit from learning from Yvette. If you’re serious about changing course correcting your spiritual development, or need extra help in developing your practices, get Yvette’s products now. Im a loyal motherfuker when it comes to my spiritual practice, and trust very few people- there’s a reason why I have stayed with Yvette’s work for as long as I have. If your serious about changing your life- connect with her. Your spiritual court will thank you.