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Bratty Brujita

Home Limpia

Home Limpia

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Please read this carefully also feel free to email me if you have questions about this service.

Moving into a new place? Buying a home? Feeling like the vibes are off where you live? Welp your home might be in need of a limpia. This is a great practice if you’ve made changes, want to welcome in abundance or get rid of unwanted spirits and entities.

I’ll come to your home and cleanse it with herbs, smoke, or rum. If a fire limpia is in order I’ll do that too. Generally a house limpia is pretty straight forward but there can be many moving parts.

***If there are spirits in the house or you suspect spirit activity please let me know ahead of time as spirit removal will be a different service.

Please note that some spaces cannot be exorcised. For example if your home is built on a burial ground, if there were massacres there, if it’s a historical site, etc. If this is the case we can figure out protection and containment. 

I’ll drive as far as LA, OC, IE and Riverside, if you’re in SD we can talk about it. When you book I’ll contact you and we can set up a time and date.


Do I Have Energetic Blockages?

Signs you may have energetic blocks:

  • Jumping awake when you’re falling asleep 
  • Sudden anxiety
  • Sudden mood changes 
  • Suddenly everything is going wrong
  • Things that used to come easy are now difficult
  • Tight neck and shoulders 
  • Jaw clenching 
  • Teeth grinding 
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Nightmares
  • Not feeling yourself
  • Sudden changes in appearance 
  • Tripping or falling frequently
  • Being clumsier than usual
  • Feeling restless like something is going to happen.*

*Always check with a doctor if you are having changes in your physical or mental health.

Do I need uncrossing

You may need uncrossing work if you’ve got haters, if you’re active on social media, if you deal with people who have a lot of heavy emotions, if you’re having personal problems with someone or they have personal problems with you. 

This candle work is great for family drama because youre not sending any energy back to them just cutting the effects. 

If there is a specific person you believe is doing you harm write it in the description or email me their name.


The night of the burn you’ll need to meditate on your intentions and repeat your affirmation 7x. Pay attention to how you feel and what feels easier and clearer as a result.

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