What is Spiritual Hygiene?

Spiritual hygiene describes the various methods and modalities we use to remove, re-work, and transmute external energies absorbed by the physical body. Generally these energies show up via headaches, tight neck and shoulders and can also manifest as jaw clenching, teeth grinding and jumping awake right when you’re falling asleep.

My name is Yvette Montoya and I’m a bruja, a medium, and healer born and raised in SoCal.

I’m an initiate of Santeria and a Priestess in Palo and I’m currently studying under master herbalist Karen Rose. I follow the Caribbean tradition of spirituality and herbalism, I bring that worldview to my energy work, writing, and products.

  • Everything I make has been for my own personal use because I am extremely spiritually sticky and the external energies I would absorb during normal encounters and tasks would make it nearly impossible for me to function unless I isolated myself.

In 2020 I decided to officially offer my services to the public and I’ve been building my business ever since with a hyper focus on spiritual hygiene and healing the nervous system. I’ve been making herbal remedies for magical and external use for close to 10 years, that have helped heal the anxiety and heaviness that comes from being spiritually sensitive in a world that overstimulates us and claims that how we feel in our bodies is wrong.

By using my own herbal remedies I’ve been able to help myself and my clients to reverse back luck, open paths and move past spiritual, energetic, emotional, and mental blockages.

This was made for you.